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*sigh* I miss the good 'old' Who of season 1. The first episode I saw of DW had Capt Jack in it, or maybe it was Torchwood. Anyways Jacks what got me interested in DW or at least the episodes he was in. I absolutely love the last 5 episodes of season 1 with Christopher E. I think they're my fav of the whole series. How much fun they had, you can see it in their intereactions with the three of them, Rose, Jack and the Doctor :D
Those episodes always make me grin, except when he leaves Jack behind but that's another matter.
Been rewatching DW and just wanted to share. I miss Jack on Doctor Who.

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I work at a life-sucking void that I can't seem to get out of. Worked there almost 4 years. Been trying to find a new job for 3 and a half. :(
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Syfy officially cancels Stargate: Universe.  -according to Airlock Alpha

YEAH :) :) :) I;m sooo verrry veryy Happy! I tried, i really did, but i hate it. Hopefully now we'll get the third SG-1 movie they promised us (before sgu). And some SGA ones too hopefully.

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UGhh, House,MD has totally 'jumped the shark'. House and Cuddy together is soooo boring and full of sappy ickiness. I fastforwarded through all their scenes together. Might have missed some important plot stuff but i don't care. If they don't break up in the next few episodes i'm breaking up with this show. House being all nice and domestic is creepy. The soap opera drama this is going to cause in the show is going to be boring. I'll watch Greys Anatomy if i want a boring medical soap.
Though the neurosurgeon that the team tried to help, gave him some drugs, which made him loopy and take off his clothes was really fun:)
Overall I'm very underwhelmed and disappointed so far. It's only the first episode, not a good sign.
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I find i very frustrating when 'friends' are so inconsiterate of other people. I've made plans with this person twice, friday...few hours before couldn't do it. ok that's fine. Then tonight, 30mins before i was going to leave! Drive separately! think ahead, my gosh, some people. And it's all the time with her. i could've gone out with some other people but it's too late now!

*sorry to those of you who i've friended to read your fanfiction, i just  needed to vent*

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Heroes 4x05 Hysterical Blindness

Loved Peter getting back to his loving, helpful self from season 1.
HATE the whole Claire/ "w/e her lesbian friend's name is" thing that's going on. Very creepy.
I usually fast forward anything with claire, unless it has HGR. Fast foward past Nikki or w/e her name is now. And i find Hiro annoying so i'll usually speed read the subtitles.
Love Sylar/Nathan, don't know who i am awsome-ness. I miss sylar.
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The Boston Red Sox are a bunch of cheaters. Conviently standing in the way so the catcher can't thrown out a guy stealing second. Making a fuss, being babies about being hit or close to being hit. Then starting a fight that gets our pitcher thrown out of the game.
Being down right hostile. Even their 'fans' are mean.
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Son of a Bitch!!! I hate my job!! I said some mildly innappropriate things in one of my EOSS. But i was frustrated with the patient, he was totally out of line. I never said anything to the patient so that's good. But they gave me an 'official' repremand or something and now it's on my permanent record, at least with SH. Now i can't get a job with in the SH system b/c i've had 'corrective action' within 6months!!!!! I've been trying to leave this place for a year. I finally found a job at the hospital i'd like to work at and they saw that 'corrective action' thing so now i'll prolly never get a job there. Plus now i can't leave for like 6months.  AAHHHHHHHHHHH!!!! I HATE SPECIAL FRICKIN' CARE HOSPITAL!!!!!

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